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At Pan Lloyd Freight Forwarding is a well defined, planned and executed service function. Offering a very strong local network and a comprehensive global reach, it brings to each client the assurance and the satisfaction of dealing with a professional logistics management group. Responsible for this service at Panlloyd is a close knit team of experts who are well informed and well versed with the intricacies of managing and delivering a complete range of logistics solutions across multiple surfaces. The team has also initiated and carried forward many mutually beneficial movement management partnerships nationally and internationally, which has translated into quick, wider and cost effective access to all markets. Today, the service has evolved to cover a variety of shipments, offering a wide choice of destinations and provides the perfect match between cost and time schedules. Our global presence and volume buying power with ocean freight carriers ensures our customers with the very best rates and best selection of ocean carriers.

  Door to Door Service      
  Wide international network of partners to expedite cargo movement, through WCA (World      
    Cargo Alliance) membership.      
  Excellent relationships with shipping lines to achieve priority shipping.      
  Presence in co-related activities by partner companies, i.e. CFS / Warehousing.      

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